Moab, UT
Partly Sunny Today: Partly Sunny
68°F | 47°F
Breezy Tomorrow: Breezy
77°F | 55°F
Death Valley, CA
Increasing Clouds Today: Increasing Clouds
95°F | 70°F
Chance Rain Showers, Probability Of Precipitation: 30% Tomorrow: Chance Rain Showers
89°F | 63°F
Lake City, CO
Mostly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 20% Today: Mostly Sunny
44°F | 28°F
Mostly Cloudy Tomorrow: Mostly Cloudy
49°F | 28°F
Telluride, CO
Mostly Sunny Today: Mostly Sunny
50°F | 32°F
Mostly Cloudy Tomorrow: Mostly Cloudy
57°F | 34°F


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Moab, Utah

Death Valley, California

Lake City, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado

Trails_1Trail Ratings

A note on all Colorado trails: most Colorado trails have sections where there are steep drop offs next to the trail, and there are no guard rails. Even Colorado highways can be alarming short of guard rails if you are used to flatland driving. If you have a severe fear of heights, you may find even our easy trails to be uncomfortable.

Easy: Can be done by the novice. Many sections may not require 4WD in good conditions. Roads are unpaved, infrequently maintained and are likely to have moderate grades, potholes, ruts, and edges with no guard rails.

Moderate: Can be done by the novice. Most people will find these trails to be a fun adventure with some steep climbs, narrow ledge roads (plenty wide for one Jeep, but not wide enough to pass in many places), some rocks that require slow & careful ascent, and water crossings that could be as high as the bumpers. The key is to take your time, go slow, and pay attention. The biggest concern on these trails is watching for other vehicles and taking the time to find a safe place to pass.

Challenging: Not recommended for the novice. Even experienced 4-wheelers may find the obstacles and ledges intimidating, and damage to vehicle is possible, unless extreme caution, careful throttle control and precise wheel placement is exercised.

Difficult: Experienced 4-wheelers only. Solo travel not recommended. Vehicle damage possible, even with slow ascent and careful wheel placement. Tippy sections, rocks and ledges 16